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Re: [m2e-users] Repository index large file

Yes, these are lucene indexes for remote repositories. m2e keeps single
copy of remote maven index file in local repository, but each workspace
has its own "working" copy of lucene index. I am not familiar enough
with lucene to tell if it is possible to share the index files between
multiple eclipse workpaces.


On 11-09-16 2:16 AM, Eric Cornely wrote:

In these days i had to create many different eclipse workspaces. I
noticed for each workspace a folder
.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.m2core/nexus/ which has a size over 100Mb.

My first question would be, is it really m2e who create those big files ?
Why do we need thoses files ? (I suppose it's the repository index but
not sure)
Is there a way to share those files between workspaces like placing them
in the maven .m2 folder or something like that ?


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