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Re: [m2e-users] Searching Maven Central (and the outdated introductory video)

Maven Central repository index is big and takes tens of minutes to
download. Make sure "Updating Indexes" background job finished before
you try to use central repository index in m2e. The same index also used
for to discover archetypes. (yes, m2e could provide better GUI feedback
and we'll gladly accept a quality patch ;-) ).

Project materialization requires team-provider integration and none is
installed as part of Indigo "for java developers" distribution. You can
install team provide integrations from workspace preferences
Maven->Discovery (disclaimer -- I have not actually tried materializing

You should not need to configure anything to use Nexus indexes in m2e, iirc.


On 11-08-31 12:24 PM, Benjamin Heitmann wrote:

How can I configure M2E to deliver the same search results as Maven Central?

I would like to use m2eclipse to materialise a project, which is listed on Maven Central.
(This project is named "neo4j", and you can see that it is really listed at Maven Central here [1] )

I was pleasantly surprised, when I saw that this exact same goal was solved in the M2E introductory video,
which is embedded from the main M2E page. This is the video about which I am talking: [2].

However, with the out of the box configuration of M2E as part of the Indigo "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" [3],
searching on Maven Central did not work.

Further searching revealed that Maven Central does not publish the URL of their archetype catalogue anymore.
Instead a package manager like the Nexus Manager is supposed to handle this.

However, I could not find any instructions on how to configure the Nexus Manager *through* M2E.

Any links to existing documentation, wiki pages, or discussion threads are highly appreciated.

sincerely, Benjamin.

[1] :|org.neo4j|neo4j|1.4.1|jar
[2] :
[3] :
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