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[m2e-users] Searching Maven Central (and the outdated introductory video)


How can I configure M2E to deliver the same search results as Maven Central? 

I would like to use m2eclipse to materialise a project, which is listed on Maven Central. 
(This project is named "neo4j", and you can see that it is really listed at Maven Central here [1] )

I was pleasantly surprised, when I saw that this exact same goal was solved in the M2E introductory video, 
which is embedded from the main M2E page. This is the video about which I am talking: [2].

However, with the out of the box configuration of M2E as part of the Indigo "Eclipse IDE for Java Developers" [3], 
searching on Maven Central did not work. 

Further searching revealed that Maven Central does not publish the URL of their archetype catalogue anymore. 
Instead a package manager like the Nexus Manager is supposed to handle this. 

However, I could not find any instructions on how to configure the Nexus Manager *through* M2E. 

Any links to existing documentation, wiki pages, or discussion threads are highly appreciated. 

sincerely, Benjamin. 

[1] :|org.neo4j|neo4j|1.4.1|jar
[2] :
[3] :

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