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[m2e-users] Using the JDT compiler?


I'm currently developing an integration for m2e to support Object Teams.
This should be easy, given that the the OT/J compiler is derived from the 
JDT compiler. 

However, I had the impression that with current tool versions it isn't even
possible to use the JDT compiler via m2e?

(Note, I don't consider myself a maven guru, so all I write about maven
could be just silly)

To me, the following looked most promising:
- use maven-compiler-plugin
- set compilerId to jdt
- declare dependency on tycho-compiler-jdt
I thought I should be done.

BUT: I got "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration:..."
OK, I found
which tells me, I must define a lifecycle mapping, but has no pointer to
*how* this is done.
The best info I could find on this subject:
  - gives a good conceptual overview, just no details at all
+ The sources of org.eclipse.m2e.jdt
  - this is the only location where I found showing an actual lifecycle
   mapping in practice

Suggestion: wouldn't you want to link the page from sonatype from
the Eclipse wiki? 

Digging deeper suggests that I'm between a rock and a hard place:

1) I need a lifecycle mapping for packaging "jar" and compilerId "jdt".
2) org.eclipse.m2e.jdt provides a lifecycle mapping for packaging "jar"
  and compilerId "javac"
3) I cannot have two lifecycle mappings for "jar"

What am I missing?

BTW: From my naive thinking I actually expected m2e to use the JDT
compiler by default. Looks funny to ship a JDT integration that works
hard to bypass the JDT, especially when this is being developed at

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