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Re: [m2e-users] "Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration": assistance needed

Igor started a wiki page about the change in how m2e works:

The lifecycle mapping metadata is embedded into the pom itself.


On 8 June 2011 11:02, Juergen Zimmermann <Juergen.Zimmermann@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
After upgrading to m2e 0.13 I'm getting the error (see subject line). So far
I understand that I have to provide lifecycle-mapping-metadata.xml in
addition to pom.xml.

1) Where is this new file located? Project root, META-INF/...
2) What is the contents of this file? Please help since I'm not a maven
expert. The troublesome plugin declaration inside pom.xml:







The error message:
Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration:
org.bsc.maven:maven-processor-plugin:2.0.2:process (execution:
generate-metamodel-classes, phase: process-sources)

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