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[m2e-users] Matching versions for eclipse, m2e and wtp

Hi list!

In reference to this thread:

I'm using Eclipse 3.6.1 and recently wanted to update m2e and wtp integration because a multi-module project was no longer deployed as it should be because of a change in the structure (missing jars in deployed WEB-INF/lib, but the WAR generated by mvn package was OK).

I'm now starting to see errors on various situations.

Errors occurred during the build.
Errors running builder 'Maven Project Builder' on project 'our-project'.
An internal error occurred during: "Importing Maven projects".

Already cleaned previous eclipse project files.
After updating project configuration, most modules compiled OK, but the WAR module still gives the mentioned error while trying to do project update.

I've tried some combinations of m2e and wtp integration plugins versions to no joy, last tested was:

- M2E - Maven Integration for Eclipse (Incubation) - Maven Integration for WTP (Optional) - Eclipse Web Developer Tools 3.2.2.v201008100100-7O7CFbKEMf84nUlEJyX7-SPQjhYZ

Could someone recommend a matching set of versions reported to work together (nighty builds or whatever)? Is it worth updating to Indigo already? Or updating just WTP?

Thank you!!


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