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Re: [m2e-users] Where does Java nature come from?

I'm curious to see what specific settings make the eclipse compiler unsupported. Will take a look, someday :-)

2011/5/30 Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
compilerId=eclipse is not currently supported, somebody has to write a
project configurator for it. But otherwise, mapping is done for specific
value of compilerId parameter, so it is possible to have two separate
mappings and m2e will pick one of the other based on project configuration.


On 11-05-30 05:55 PM, Fred Bricon wrote:

how do you would you configure the lifecycle mapping to use the
javaConfigurator for compilerId=javac OR compilerId=eclipse ?


Fred Bricon

2011/5/30 Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>

   Java nature is enabled based on presence of maven-compiler-plugin with
   compilerId=javac in project build lifecycle (see [1] for exact mapping).

   Configuration logic is implemented in [2], which is meant to be
   extensible, but I don't know if there is enough flexibility to support
   groovy projects. If not, you'd have to implement java nature and
   classpath setup logic in GroovyProjectConfigurator.



   On 11-05-30 05:23 PM, Benson Margulies wrote:

       No, this isn't zen.

       I'm trying to help out the maintainer of the groovy maven/eclipse
       plugins in adapting to 0.13.

       Their configuration looks like:

       public class GroovyProjectConfigurator extends
                implements IJavaProjectConfigurator {


       When I load everything in with 0.13, a test project never acquires
       java nature, and then their configuration fails because there's no

       IProgressMonitor) responsible for adding the Java nature?

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