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[m2e-users] importing maven webapps - failed sometimes?


seems today I'm about to see peculiar issues in Eclipse (Indigo). At
the moment: Do have a bunch of maven2 / Java EE 6 webapp projects
(including jersey/JAX-RS stuff and EJB(lite) beans) initially created
using NetBeans into an empty Eclipse workspace. Tried to run them
inside a Glassfishv3 application server created inside the Eclipse
workspace. All these projects did run fine in Glassfish using NetBeans.
All of these projects are almost exactly the same, looking at pom.xml,
packaging, included dependencies, included plug-ins, presence and style
of web.xml and sun-web.xml and the like (except for obvious differences
like context names). 

Outcome in Eclipse: Four out of these (six) projects do flawlessly and
immediately run inside the Glassfishv3 server in the Eclipse workspace,
two fail. One of these two fails to come up, obviously because, though
the application is correctly deployed, the (maven2) dependencies aren't
available, so the Glassfish server.log is filled with
ClassNotFoundExceptions. The other one of these that fail isn't even
recognized as a web application after importing it into Eclipse. 

Strange. As stated, the projects are all as "identical" as can be in
virtually every aspect of the configuration I can think of, talking
about maven2 projects. And yet in some cases "importing" them does have
peculiar effects. Can someone enlighten me or at least point me where
to look here? Running an Eclipse Indigo + m2e + Glassfishv3 server
adapters, updated this morning...

TIA and all the best,

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