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[m2e-users] Creating a new project

I'm trying to create a new Maven project from Eclipse, and I found it weird that the "New Maven project" wizard page (which has the "Select project name and location" caption) doesn't ask me for the project's name.
I entered "/Users/dserodio/Projetos/maventest" in the "Location" field (/Users/dserodio/Projetos is my workspace), and when I try to finish the new project wizard, it fails with:

    Invalid project description.
    /Users/dserodio/Projetos/maventest overlaps the location of another project: 'maventest'

I double-checked, and /Users/dserodio/Projetos/maventest does not exist yet.

How should I create a new Maven project? What should I type in the location field? Shouldn't it ask me for the project name?

Daniel Serodio

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