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Re: [m2e-users] questions about "Update Maven Dependencies"

Have a look at recent 0.13 builds. We've reworked Update Dependencies
implementation quite considerably just this past Friday. Expected
behaviour in 0.13

* All dependency resolution is done with forced update policy=never by
default. This means m2e will only download dependencies that are NOT yet
present in maven local repository.
* right-click->Maven->UpdateDependencies now opens a dialog that lets
you control online/offline mode (defaults to workspace settings) and
force dependency re/resolution (default is off).

If you see m2e 0.13 behave differently, please open new bugreport in
bugzilla and provide steps to reproduce the problem.


On 11-04-18 06:57 AM, Eugen Paraschiv wrote:
I have a few questions about the "Update Maven Dependencies" feature in
First, when I have Maven as offline, I expected that this action would
no longer reach out to the repositories and download anything. This
doesn't seem to be the case, even with Maven configured as offline, this
still downloads my dependencies. Is this expected behavior, or is it an
The second question is still about the "Update Maven dependencies"
feature. I have build my project (simply clean install) and so I have
resolved all dependencies. The repository has a number of jars at this
point. Then, I do "Update Maven dependencies" and a LOT of other jars
start to get downloaded into my repo. Why is that? Shouldn't an "Update
Maven Dependencies" only download what I need, and seeing how I just
build the project, download nothing at all?
It seems like the Maven mechanism that chooses the version in case of a
conflict doesn't work here and the plugin simply downloads a whole bunch
of other versions that should have been ignored by the dependency
resolution process based on the fact that I have overridden these
versions myself.
This is not a minor download either - for a non-trivial project, my
repository nearly doubles in size.
I'm aware that this is the way m2eclipse works and has always worked,
but I'm wondering if this is expected, or if I'm missing something.
Thanks you for any feedback.

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