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[m2e-users] workspace not resolved


Im using m2eclipse and I have been experiencing very strange behavior.
When I save a java class file, sometimes - not always, right after pressing
CTRL+S, some classes
becomes "not resolved", project is unable to compile.
To solve this I always click on "Disable dependency management" and then
"Enable dependency management"
in m2eclipse and it works just fine.Everything is resolved correctly.

Anyone saw this? Maybe solved this?

Thanks a lot

Oh im on:
eclipse 3.6
m2eclipse installed from
 Kind Regards / Mit                                                    
 freundlichen Grüßen /                                             
 Üdvözlettel / S                                                   
 Zbynek VAVROS                                                 (Embedded
 Development                                                 image moved
                                                                to file:
     Delivery Centre      616 00, Brno                                 
      Central Europe      Technicka 21                                 
        Brno SITE         Czech Republic                               
 (Embedded image moved to                                              
   file: pic22659.gif)    Phone: 420-53341- x6283                      
                          E-mail: Zbynek_Vavros@xxxxxxxxxx             
   IBM Global Services                                                 
  Delivery Center Czech                                                
     Republic, s.r.o.                                                  
   Registered address:                                                 
 Brno, Technicka 2995/21,                                              
 Zip code: 61600, Company                                              
       ID: 26244535                                                    
      Entered in the                                                   
   Commercial Register                                                 
    maintained by the                                                  
  Regional Court in Brno                                               
  (Part C, Entry 39922)                                                
   IBM Global Services                                                 
  Delivery Center Czech                                                
     Republic, s.r.o.                                                  
  Sídlo: Brno, Technická                                           
  2995/21, PSČ 61600 IČ:                                           
   Zapsaná v obchodním                                             
    rejstříku, vedeném                                           
  Krajským soudem v Brně                                           
  oddíl C, vlozka 39922                                              

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