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Re: [m2e-users] Having a Bad Week - eclipse sick

Git is not an option, at least not yet. I work for a small organization within a large corporation and we are pretty much restricted to the services available at the corporate level. :-(

But while on the subject of Git, I must admit I looked into it a little, including Linus Torvalds' famous rant about why SVN sucked so badly (a view I don't share) and I must admit that I don't understand why, on a technical level Git would be any better. However, you have experience and I'd be interested in learning what you think it is about Git that makes it behave better in the Eclipse/m2eclipse environment than SVN.

On 03/26/2011 02:22 AM, Asaf Mesika wrote:
BTW: SVN? We moved our team to Git - its a much more efficient VCS, which
makes merges easier and communicates with the server on demand. Highly

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