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Re: [m2e-users] Having a Bad Week - eclipse sick

I've had similar experiences (mostly related to slowness) once we migrated
our project to a multi-module project using m2eclipse, despite my attempts
to make sure I'm giving it enough memory and stripping eclipse down to the
bare minimum.  It got so bad that many of our team migrated to IntelliJ
and are happy as can be.  However, it's an open source project that we
work on, so I felt like it was important that it at least be possible to
build the project and everything in Eclipse so I've been trying to
persevere and create the semblance of a workable development environment
with Eclipse.

That said, one thing you might try which seemed to help us a little bit
(though I don't understand why) was to use the 32-bit version of Eclipse
instead of 64-bit.  It seemed to consume less memory, prior to that we
would exceed 350 mb of perm space just checking out our project from
subversion and building it.  So it may not help you out much but it might
be worth trying if you are currently using 64-bit.

Good luck,

On 3/24/11 4:52 PM, "Steve Cohen" <scohen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>and, sad to say, it's mostly because of the combination of m2eclipse,
>helios, subversive and the whole fracking mess.
>Eclipse has become less and less usable.  I don't know who's to blame,
>which plugin is the cause or whether it's the whole platform or some
>combination.  Rare is the day of heavy development where Eclipse doesn't
>crash many times.
>Every crash is different.  Sometimes I have to delete the .lock file.
>Other times I don't.  Other times I can't do it without killing processes.
>How many minutes am I losing waiting for updates from the Maven
>repository.  How careful I must be these days when clicking the mouse,
>if you click when something else is going on, that's just asking for
>And then there are things going on in the background that you don't even
>know about.
>I decided I may have had too many plugins installed.  So I built a new
>Eclipse installation using the latest and only what I really needed:
>m2eclipse, whatever the latest that's available today
>hibernate plugin
>No C, no google windowing toolkit, no perl, no python, no shell script
>editor, no nothing I don't use daily.  That other stuff is in my old
>installation for when I need that.
>Did it help?  Not much.  I still wait more than I used to.  There are
>still user interface actions that provoke crashes.  I created a new
>workspace,and hit one of those problems in ten minutes.
>I don't know who to blame but this world has gotten out of hand in the
>last six months.
>I am on a Windows XP platform with 4GB RAM.  Is that not enough anymore?
><end of rant>
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