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Re: [m2e-users] Multi module in the project explorer

Frankly, I do not believe m2e can do much about this. There was a
discussion on one of platform mailing lists about extending
workbench to properly support nested project structures like used by
Maven and many CDT projects. I was not following this development too
closely, but from what I heard this has not been implemented.


On 10-11-09 12:42 PM, ildella@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I see that there are a lot of tickets about "multi module" in the
issue tracker (hey, jira queries are not linkable??)

I wonder if there is something about the project explorer that shows
multi module project in an aggregate way. Actually I use Eclipse built
in project set but is not a right way.
Any plan or idea on this? Or bug I can track?


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