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Re: [linuxtools-dev] 0.2.0 testing and ramp-down

Valgrind is also good to go.

Alexander Kurtakov wrote:
On Monday 13 April 2009 18:16:31 Andrew Overholt wrote:
1. turn off automated builds
2. do a signed build
3. put the signed build on updates-nightly [1]
This is now done.

4. verify that things install and run as we expect
Everything installed for me and I was able to briefly verify a few of
the components.

5. verify that the JARs are signed by the Eclipse Foundation (no broken
   certificate icons in the "installed software" dialog)
This is verified.

6. if there are issues that need to be fixed, we will repeat steps 2.
   through 5.
Please give final sign-off after a quick test from updates-nightly [1].
Once the following 4 people have responded here saying that they're
satisfied with the signed contents of the update site, I'll keep this
build aside for promotion to 0.2.0 final.

Quick test doesn't catched any problem with the current content of the updates site. Specfile editor and rpmstubby are good to go :)

Alexander Kurtakov


When we are satisfied with a build, we can move on to finalizing the
N&N, I'll do release review slides, and the release process from the side will begin.
I will start this "docuware" stuff now.  After everyone has signed off,
I'll move updates-nightly back to trunk builds.



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