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Re: [linuxtools-dev] 0.2.0 testing and ramp-down

> 1. turn off automated builds
> 2. do a signed build
> 3. put the signed build on updates-nightly [1]

This is now done.

> 4. verify that things install and run as we expect

Everything installed for me and I was able to briefly verify a few of
the components.

> 5. verify that the JARs are signed by the Eclipse Foundation (no broken
>    certificate icons in the "installed software" dialog)

This is verified.

> 6. if there are issues that need to be fixed, we will repeat steps 2.
>    through 5. 

Please give final sign-off after a quick test from updates-nightly [1].
Once the following 4 people have responded here saying that they're
satisfied with the signed contents of the update site, I'll keep this
build aside for promotion to 0.2.0 final.


> When we are satisfied with a build, we can move on to finalizing the
> N&N, I'll do release review slides, and the release process from the
> side will begin.

I will start this "docuware" stuff now.  After everyone has signed off,
I'll move updates-nightly back to trunk builds.




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