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Re: [linuxtools-dev] 0.2.0 testing and ramp-down

* Jeff Johnston <jjohnstn@xxxxxxxxxx> [2009-04-09 15:36]:
> This is to confirm I have tested autotools, changelog, and libhover and  
> have tagged the branch plus updated the releng maps file.

Thanks, Jeff.

> It appears no  
> one else has updated the maps file so I am just reminding anybody who  
> has forgotten to tag the branch and do this update to the maps file.

Ah yes, thanks for the reminder.  I forgot to include this in the
ramp-down procedure.

*** Once sub-project leads are satisfied with their components, please
    add a tag in tags/ corresponding to head of the 0.2.0
    branch.  Then, change the [1] to reflect your tags. ***

Since sub-projects may not be at 0.2.0 themselves, make the tag
something like "LinuxTools_0_2_0".  We can have a consistent one the
next time around.

I will do the final candidate build -- with signed JARs -- from the map
file once all tags are in place.  I have branched stubby and the
specfile editor since Alex already signed off before I mentioned this.



(yes, trunk ... next time, I'll branch it :)

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