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Re: [linuxtools-dev] 0.2.0 testing and ramp-down

I have run the test suite and done manual testing for the Valgrind plugins' 0.2.0 branch. I encountered no problems and N&N will be committed soon.


Andrew Overholt wrote:
*** Everyone:  we would greatly appreciate testing of our builds leading
    up to our 0.2.0 release. ***

*** Sub-project leads:  please send a note to the list when you are
    satisfied with your component as it stands on updates-nightly ***


I have set up a script to ensure that updates-nightly [1] always has the
latest build so I'm no longer the blocker for this.

Builds will continue to happen every 6 hours if changes have been made
in SVN.  Don't forget that until 0.2.0 is finished, the 0.2.0 builds
that will get replicated to the updates-nightly update site [1] are
pulling from the 0.2.0 branches.

Once everyone is satisfied with the contents of updates-nightly [1], we

1. turn off automated builds
2. do a signed build
3. put the signed build on updates-nightly [1]
4. verify that things install and run as we expect
5. verify that the JARs are signed by the Eclipse Foundation (no broken
   certificate icons in the "installed software" dialog)
6. if there are issues that need to be fixed, we will repeat steps 2.
through 5.
When we are satisfied with a build, we can move on to finalizing the
N&N, I'll do release review slides, and the release process from the side will begin.  At that point, updates-nightly [1] will
switch back to nightly builds from trunk.  Once we have the go-ahead
from the Foundation, our release update site [2] will host the 0.2.0

Any questions?  Clear as mud?  :)


P.S. This is also documented here:


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