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[linuxtools-dev] Unit test framework for C++ / SCons build plugin


I met Andrew Overholt at EclipseCon and mentioned that I built an unit test 
framework for C++ and a SCons based builder plugin for the CDT that I can 
contribute to  Eclipse Linux Tools.

The unit test framework generates XML files that are compatible with the ones 
for JUnit. The reason for doing this was to enable to use all the tools that 
support JUnit. We use this to integrate our C++ build into the cruisecontrol 
continuous integration suite. The unit test framework is BSD licensed.

I would like to contribute this to the Eclipse Linux Tools if there is 
interest for it. The attached zip file contains an eclipse project containing 
the unit test framework with a simple example. The project uses my EPL 
licensed SCons build plugin. If you are interested I will also contribute the 
SCons builder plugin to Eclipse Linux Tools.

Please note that the SCons plugin is my private pet project and it has no 
relations with the company I work for (although we use it internally for all 
out C++ projects).

You can get the plugin at


Lothar Werzinger Dipl.-Ing. Univ.
Director of Technology
Tradescape Inc. - Enabling Efficient Digital Marketplaces
1754 Technology Drive, Suite 128
San Jose, CA 95110

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