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[linuxtools-dev] Extended Eclipse IDE for Linux development on remote and local target


In an effort to maximize the development effort of Eclipse committers, a
meeting was held with project leads from various Eclipse projects to
define a central place in Eclipse for Linux developer tools. After
analyzing the pro and cons of a few options with Andrew Overholt (Linux
Tools), Christian Kurzke/Eric Cloninger (TmL), Doug Schaefer (CDT), Doug
Gaff (DSDP), Eugene Chan (TPTP), Joe Green (MontaVista), Dominique
Toupin (Ericsson) we decided the best place to do this was in the Linux
Distros project. Specialized feature will be part of specialized project
e.g. mobile specific will be part of TmL. You can find slides of this
meeting at the Linux Distros wiki and at the TPTP non-java sandbox:

The Linux Distros Project will be re-branded as the Linux Tools project
and will provide the following features in 2009.
 - edit/compile/debug from CDT (yes including Mylyn CDT integration),
 - dynamic tracing from CDT (GDB tracepoint), GDB (GDB tracepoint),
Linux Tools, SystemTAP;
 - static tracing from TPTP/Linux Tools and, yes even user
space tracing!
 - remote target with Eclipse Target Management, GDB remote, LTTng
remote, etc;
 - profiling with Linux Tools and OProfile;
 - memory analysis with Linux Tools and Valgrind;
 - in additional to existing packaging in Linux, a p2 repository will
also be available on to download the
latest GPL (e.g. OProfile) and EPL (Eclipse plug-in for OProfile)
software for Linux system that do not yet have the latest and greatest
 - RPM stubby, Linux packaging tools, an RPM .spec editor as well as a
tool to generate .spec files from feature.xml files;

The 2009 plan to achieve this:
 - Clarify goals of the Eclipse Linux Distros Project (e.g. description,
mailing list, structure) to become the Eclipse Linux Tools Project:
Andrew Overholt (Red Hat) and Dominique Toupin (Ericsson);
 - improve Linux debug in CDT, ex. Reversible debug, multiprocess, etc,:
Marc Khouzam (Ericsson);
 - Add the GDB tracepoint to CDT: Marc Khouzam (Ericsson);
 - package GPL binaries with Eclipse (e.g. Target Management RSE) on
Wascana: Marco Masse (Ericsson) with help from Doug Schaefer (Wascana);
 - Add the LTTng features in Eclipse: Francois Chouinard (Ericsson),
Alvaro Sanchez-Leon (Ericsson), Patrick Tasse (Ericsson), help from TPTP
(e.g. Eugene), Pierre Marc Fournier (LTTng);
 - integrate /proc plug-ins from Motorola: Andrew Overholt (Red Hat)
with help from Eric Cloninger (Motorola);
 - Joe Green (MontaVista), Doug Gaff (WindRiver) will find out if they
can also contribute to this effort;
 - Enhancements to existing Linux packaging tools Andrew Overholt (Red

After the release in 2009 the additional features will be unit test
(CPPunit, gcov), GCC static analysis and QEMU.

At EclipseCon the BOF "Linux Extended IDE - Linux Tracing" will be
available to further discuss this:

For people contributing to the LTTng Eclipse Plug-in a meeting will be
at EclipseCon Monday at 17h00 at the Hyatt (conference room will be
confirmed soon) to discuss what part of TPTP can be re-use/modify to
support C/C++ tracing.

In addition the below presentations at EclipseCon are good to be kept
inform of what is going on in this area.

Reverse debugging, Multi-Process and Non-stop debugging come to the CDT

CDT for Linux

Embedded Target Communications and Tools for mobile Linux

Building your own Cross-Development Environment for the CDT

Using CDT APIs to programmatically introspect C/C++ code.

Use of CDT and DSDP in a professional IDE for embedded softwares

DSDP Sub-Project Updates for Galileo

Dominique Toupin M.A.Sc., Eng.
Developer Tool Manager

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