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  • Re: [jwt-dev] Back again, flying over the emails, (continued)
  • [jwt-dev] JWT 0,5 release candidate available, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] jwt-we-view-uml, jwt-transformation-base, jwt-transformation-xpdl certified foor to release, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] JWT 0.5 Release Review results, Anne Jacko
  • WG: [jwt-dev] CQs, Christian Saad
  • [jwt-dev] JWT and STP / STP-IM, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] CQs, Christian Saad
  • [jwt-dev] Bonita Designer use cases and requirements, Pierre Vigneras
  • [jwt-dev] JWT v050, Christian Saad
  • [jwt-dev] Announcement: BPEL Generation, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] [BPMN] Call for interested parties, Antoine Toulme
  • [jwt-dev] Plugin for JWT2BPMN transformation?, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] Licensing of our code!!, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] Project Plan, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] website links to be updated, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] Release 0.5.0 review slides, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] Wiki for JWT changed location!, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] Bugs fixed and features included for version 0.5.0, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] AW: Yearly release train, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] IP Log for Version 0.5, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] Re: AW: AW: AW: AW: AW: metamodel extension prototype available, Mickael Istria
  • [jwt-dev] More on JWT4SCOrWare, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] Changing toolbar for BPMN, Pierre Vigneras
  • [jwt-dev] Eclipse Summit Europe CFPDeadline Sep. 1, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] BPEL Generation, Pierre Vigneras
  • WG: AW: [jwt-dev] Problems in using the wf-codegen framework, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] Changes to the website of JWT, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] EMF creating-children-you-didnt-know : Child Creation Extenders, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] Re: [Bug 225706] Extend views with different figures, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] SCA Tools project review, Marc Dutoo
  • [jwt-dev] Tabbed Properties and Branch, Florian Lautenbacher
  • [jwt-dev] jwt editor installation, Souillard Charles

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