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Re: [jwt-dev] JWT Signing & Luna

Hi Chris

Congratulations for this nice work !

Indeed, I've seen throngs of builds being started lately ;)

And if we can be closer to contributing to Luna build, all the better.

About splitting it in 2 features :
the split must have a purpose (e.g. did you hear people complain about size or having too much features ? do you want to make the build easier or more maintainable ? what else would go in the extensions plugin, such as examples, or do you want to have an UML AD-only editor ?).
I actually rather agree with you, it's just to try to make it clearer.

Best regards,

Le 17/10/2013 14:56, Christian Saad a écrit :
Hi Marc, all,

as you may have noticed I've been working on the automated build. I was finally able to fix the signing issue.

I've also:
* bumped the version of the plugins to 1.4.0
* changed the build platform to luna
* enabled the contribution in the luna aggregator config (let's see if it works)

What I'd still like to do:
* automatic publishing to update site (requires virtual hudson instance)
* automatic testing
* perhaps split the JWT feature into two features: JWT essential and JWT optional (transformations etc). what do you think?

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