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Re: [jwt-dev] New features

Dear Pushkar,

thank you for your interest in JWT. I hope you will find it useful for your purposes. If you would like to share any details, we would definitely be interested. And of course any help as a contributor would definitely be very much appreciated :)

Context buttons and bendpoints are features that would definitely be very useful! The bendpoints would probably need to go into JWT's view meta model (in the jwt-we plugin) which is kept separate from the data model and processed by the LayoutDataManager (same plugin). For the context buttons, that is something that could be backported from GMF into JWT's more lightweight GEF environment.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Am 11.12.2012 04:32, schrieb Pushkar Gupte:
I am evaluating if I can utilize JWT to create my own domain
specific modeler. I have almost finalized on JWT.  There are a couple of
features which I think would be good to have in the modeler. I would be
more than happy to develop them and contribute them back to the JWT
Project -

1.  Graphiti style "Context Buttons"

Inline image 1

2. Bend points for connections.

However I am still learning EMF/GEF and it would be great if the
community can give me some pointers/feedback as to how I should go about
implementing them.

All help appreciated!

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