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Re: [jwt-dev] GUI Testing for JWT

Hi Andrey

Thanks, that makes me want to try it next time I squish UI bugs ! And that may give an idea or two about state of the art automated UI testing to people extending JWT.

Therefore I've listed your contributed video demo in the developer FAQ (*), and I'll write a blurb about it tn the next website News post (**).

Best regards, and maybe see you at ECon,
Marc Dutoo
JWT project co-lead
Open Wide


Le 01/11/2012 13:55, Andrey Platov a écrit :
Hi folks,

I'm in charge of development of Xored's Q7 Eclipse GUI Testing tool: . Recently one of our engineers recorded a quick demo for a customer using JWT as an exemplary app, and showing how Q7 deal with GEF-based applications. The video is here: and I'm decided to share it within this project list -- for the reason JWT team may be interested in UI testing for JWT.

The product is free for open-source projects, and there are a few eclipse projects using it already, such as Eclipse DLTK, Eclipse Tigerstripe, and LDT. Please let me know if you'd be interested in any help related to JWT UI Testing.

Thank you, and
Kind Regards,
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