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Re: [jwt-dev] Interested in Apache Chemistry, currently in IP process

Hi Janet

To be fair, the problem is rather on our side. You can look up details below (at "the long version"), but to make things short, we took the problem by the wrong end. Because we're partners of Nuxeo, we knew they were submitting to Eclipse their code and dependencies (among them Apache Chemistry, of which they are main contributor) and we assumed to much about it. On their own side they are not accustomed to the IP Process, so we took the opportunity to get first hand information about the status - which at least taught us that the Eclipse RT PMC had changed.

But if there's anything to learn, maybe it's got to do with Nuxeo being server-side and therefore probably never in a yearly release, though its client side may very well be useful there.

Anyway, on Feb 3 we hadn't thought yet about requiring this dependency in particular, so it wouldn't have made it in any case. And when we did, if we hadn't see the existing CQ we wouldn't even have tried to ask for it in Juno.

So thanks for your thoughtful and concerned answer to our request, and hoping that everything went well yesterday for Juno !

Best regards,
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide

Le 22/05/2012 17:34, Janet Campbell a écrit :

Hi Marc,


This is the first that I have heard of these CQs being needed for Juno.  The February 3, 2012 deadline for Projects to let us know what CQs are needed for Juno is a critical part of our planning process.  The last thing we want is for situations such as this to arise.   Unfortunately, we won’t be able to complete the review of these CQs for tomorrow.  I would like to understand however, why they weren’t flagged earlier in the year as needed for the simultaneous release.   We’ll use this feedback to improve the process for next year. 


With respect to the workflow, if something isn’t working correctly or you think that there is an improvement that can be made, please open a bug in bugzilla.  We’re always open to ideas for improvement, recognizing we are also highly resource constrained.






Janet Campbell

Director, Intellectual Property

Secretary and Legal Counsel

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.


From: Marc Dutoo [mailto:marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 10:25 AM
To: emo-ip-team@xxxxxxxxxxx; sharon.corbett@xxxxxxxxxxx
Cc: Campo, Christian; Thierry Delprat; Mos, Adrian; Java Workflow Tooling; Stéphane Drapeau; Thomas Watson; Jochen Krause
Subject: Re: AW: Interested in Apache Chemistry, currently in IP process


To the IP-team :
alas I guess it means we won't release our code depending on it in Juno ??
By the way, I've found that sometimes you've had to change "CQ to state "new" in order for workflow to flow accurately", see ...

To Christian (and Jochen) :
thanks a lot for the good news & redirection !

Best regards,
Marc Dutoo
Eclipse SOA JWT co-lead

Le 21/05/2012 15:49, Campo, Christian a écrit :

The CQs have been PMC approved from michael keith in the CQ. Not sure why the IP process is not moving forward….


IP-Team ?


Von: Jochen Krause [mailto:jkrause@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Montag, 21. Mai 2012 15:42
An: Marc Dutoo
Cc: Thierry Delprat; Mos, Adrian; Java Workflow Tooling; gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; jesse.mcconnell@xxxxxxxxx; Stéphane Drapeau; Thomas Watson; Campo, Christian
Betreff: Re: Interested in Apache Chemistry, currently in IP process


Hi Marc,

Sorry to hear that the PMC approval is taking longer than usual. I don't have any background information as I have stepped down from the PMC about a year ago.

The new leaders of the Eclipse RT PMC are Thomas Watson and Christian Campo, I copied both of them on this message.

Best Regards,

Jochen Krause

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Marc Dutoo <marc.dutoo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Greetings dear RT PMC leaders and members

First, sorry for coming out of the blue with this email. I'm not sure I shouldn't be doing it otherwise, but I haven't found a better channel, though I've tried.

Making it short (*) :

At Eclipse JWT, we've developed a first version of integration with ECM (Entreprise Content Management), that we wanted to put in the Juno yearly release.
However it uses the Apache Chemistry CMIS ECM client library, which is currently in "waiting for PMC approval" phase of the IP process of Eclipse RT Apricot since February :
(and up to 6178)

I know that it's pretty unreasonable of me to expect anything at this point, being this late in the game, but still could there be any chance for it to be approved before May the 23rd (for Juno) ??

Best regards,
Marc Dutoo
Open Wide
Eclipse SOA Java Workflow Tooling co-lead

(*) The long version :

We're actually Nuxeo partners, which is why I knew that Nuxeo had contributed Apricot, and somehow believed (wrongly) that its dependencies would be OK in Eclipse.

So I've talked it up with Thierry Delprat, Nuxeo CTO. Then I've tried to send an email to the RT PMC mailing list 2 weeks ago, but I didn't see until now that it had bounced (being on holidays).

Finally I had a word with Adrian Mos, SOA PMC rep to the Architecture Council, about sending such a mail to a few of RT PMC leaders and members.

And even if you can't do it for Juno, rest assured that there is a rising level of interest in Eclipse SOA for it, according to those recent discussions with Adrian but also Stephane Drapeau of Eclipse SCA !


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