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Tentative IP Log for rt.apricot

This tentative IP Log is generated dynamically from automatically collected project information. This information has not been vetted for accuracy by the Eclipse Foundation and may not represent the true state of the IP of this project(s). Please refer to the official approved IP Log(s) associated with the official release(s) of this project(s) for more information.


  • Eclipse Public License v1.0

Third-Party Code

Pre-Req Dependencies

CQThird-Party CodeLicenseUse
5398h2 Database Version: 1.1.117 (2009-08-09) (PB Orbit CQ3508)Eclipse Public Licenseunmodified binary
5399java_cup runtime Version: 10k (PB Orbit CQ1950)Java Cup License (MIT Style)unmodified binary
5400Logback Classic Version: 0.9.24 (PB Orbit CQ4414)Eclipse Public Licenseunmodified source & binary
5401LogBack Core Version: 0.9.24 (PB Orbit CQ4413)Eclipse Public Licenseunmodified source & binary
5402Apache Commons Lang Version: 2.4 (PB Orbit CQ2735)Apache License, 2.0
5403commons-collections-3.2.jar Version: 3.2 (PB Orbit CQ1909)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5404Apache HttpClient 3.1 (PB Orbit CQ1857)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5405Apache Commons IO Version: 2.0.1 (PB Orbit CQ4791)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5406Apache Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Version: 1.7 (does not include dependent libs) (PB Orbit CQ1905)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5407asm Version: 3.3.1 (excluding *.gz files) (PB Orbit CQ4721)New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
5408Java Servlet API Version: 2.5 + jsp_2_0.xsd (PB Orbit CQ2075)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5700activation-1.1.jar Version: 1.1 (PB Orbit CQ2170)Common Development and Distribution Licenseunmodified binary
5701xstream Version: 1.3.1 (PB Orbit CQ5214)New BSD license unmodified binary
5702javax.annotation Version: 1.1 (PB Orbit CQ5121)Common Development and Distribution Licenseunmodified binary
5703mail.jar Version: v1.4 (Subset: Excludes files from demo folder with restricted licenses) (PB Orbit CQ2171)Common Development and Distribution Licenseunmodified binary
5704JPA (Javax Persistence Jar) Version: 1.0 (PB Orbit CQ3261)Common Development and Distribution License unmodified binary
5705Apache Commons Codec Version: 1.3 (PB Orbit CQ2103)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5706ANTLR Runtime only: Version: 3.2 (PB Orbit CQ4865)New BSD Licenseunmodified binary
5707xml-apis.jar Version: 1.3.04 (PB Orbit CQ2166)Apache License, 2.0, Public Domain, W3Cunmodified binary
5708JAX-RS (JSR311) API Version: 1.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ4514)Common Development and Distribution License, + 1 file partial ASLunmodified binary
5709Lucene Core Version: 2.9.1 (PB Orbit CQ3964)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5710Lucene Analyzers Version: 2.9.1 (PB Orbit CQ3965)Apache License, 2.0, New BSD license unmodified binary
5711SLF4J API Version: 1.6.1 (PB Orbit CQ4408)MIT license, MIT license with no endorsement clause unmodified binary
5712SLF4J log4j-over-slf4j Version: 1.6.1 (PB Orbit CQ4412)Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
5713SLF4J jcl-over-slf4j Version: 1.6.1 (PB Orbit CQ4410)Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
5714junit Version: 4.8.1 (PB Orbit CQ3678)Common Public License 1.0 unmodified source & binary
5715hamcrest - all Version: 1.1 (PB Orbit CQ2907)New BSD license unmodified source & binary
5716stax-api 1.0.1 jar (PB Orbit CQ3088)Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
5717Apache Geronimo Java Transaction API (JTA) 1.1_spec Version: 1.1.1 (PB Orbit CQ3903)Apache License, 2.0 unmodified binary
5719Xerces Version: 2.9.0 (excludes nested jar files) (PB Orbit CQ2095)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
5720resolver.jar Version: 1.2 (PB Orbit CQ2136)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5721serializer.jar Version: 2.7.1 (PB Orbit CQ2134)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5722Jetty (Subset) Version: 6.1.23 (PB Orbit CQ3934)Apache License, 2.0, Eclipse Public License, Permissive Open Source Licenses unmodified binary
5724jsp-api-2.1-glassfish Version: 9.1.1.B60.25.p1 (*REPLACED jsp_2_0.xsd with CDDL-licensed version) (PB Orbit CQ3832)CDDL, Apache 2.0unmodified source & binary
5725xalan 2.7.1 top level jar Version: 2.7.1 (minus nested jar files) (PB Orbit CQ2213)Apache License, 2.0unmodified binary
5726JDom Version: 1.0 (top level source code only) (PB Orbit CQ1924)JDom License (based on Apache 1.1 Style License)unmodified binary
5738dom4j Version: 1.6.1 (PB CQ1362)Custom license based on Apache 1.1unmodified binary
6044org.joda.time Version: 1.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6104xbean-naming Version: 3.9.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6113mvel2 Version: 2.0.19Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6130freemarker Version: 2.3.16BSD-style license (mix of BSD and Apache 1.1), CDDLunmodified source & binary
6135geronimo-j2ee-connector_1.5_spec Version: 2.0.0 (PB CQ5537)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6153geronimo-transaction Version: 2.2.1 (PB CQ5349)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6154geronimo-connector (impl) Version: 2.2.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6165relaxng-datatype Version: 1.0New BSD licenseunmodified source & binary
6166xsom Version: 20081112CDDL, Public Domain, BSDunmodified source & binary
6170Apache Chemistry opencmis-common-api Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6171Apache Chemistry opencmis-commons-impl Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6172Apache Chemistry opencmis-server-bindings Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6173Apache Chemistry opencmis-server-support Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6175Apache Chemistry opencmis-client-api Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6177Apache Chemistry opencmis-client-bindings Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6178Apache Chemistry opencmis-client-impl Version: 0.6.0Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6193jersey-core Version: 1.11CDDL, Apache 2.0unmodified source & binary
6194jersey-server Version: 1.11Common Development and Distribution Licenseunmodified source & binary
6195jersey-servlet Version: 1.11Common Development and Distribution Licenseunmodified source & binary
6285jackson-core Version: 1.8.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6286jackson-mapper Version: 1.8.1Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary
6287json-simple Version: 1.1 (PB CQ5993)Apache License, 2.0unmodified source & binary

Exempt Pre-Req and Works With Dependencies

No Exempt Pre-Req or Works With dependencies


Past and Present Active
Name Organization  
Delbosc Benoit NUXEO
Thierry Delprat NUXEO
Stefane Fermigier NUXEO
Florent Guillaume NUXEO
Stephane Lacoin NUXEO
Bogdan Stefanescu NUXEO

Contributors and Their Contributions

Ref Size Description
(no contributors)


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