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Re: [jwt-dev] New Open Wide collaborator on JWT

Hi Chris

what about doing the telco on Monday 30 5 PM, or Thursday 3 or Friday 4 anytime ?

Topics could include :

* Open Wide status : what we'll do in EasySOA with JWT (and Scarbo) : vision, expected contributions...

* Augsburg U status : ...

* yearly release :
maintain & further "who does what"
Eclipse 4 #377748
babel translations status #377910

* others : people using JWT, talks, projects & proposals...


Le 20/04/2012 14:53, Christian Saad a écrit :
Hi Marc, Yoann, all,

Yoann, welcome! Great to have you on the JWT team :)

I'm certain you'll have an interesting and beneficial internship ahead of you at Open Wide. If you encounter any difficulties in familiarizing yourself with the JWT code, please don't hesitate to ask. Kudos for dealing with the - sadly long neglected - Bugzilla tasks ;)

I'm very in favor of holdling a telco, please let me know when you are ready.


Am 18.04.2012 12:07, schrieb Marc Dutoo:
Hi all

Let me introduce Yoann Rodière, who has recently joined Open Wide for a
six month end-of-study internship about bringing the workflow point of
view & technologies to the EasySOA project (*), and on the opposite try
to bring benefits of the EasySOA Core service registry and repository to
Eclipse. Obviously, this will involve Eclipse JWT (but also OW2 Scarbo) !

He's in the process of getting familiar with JWT, and will help in a
first time on long time bugzillas.

Then we'll try to schedule a telco in order to present and discuss our
further goals !

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide


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