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Re: [jwt-dev] Talks at EclipseCon Europe

Hi Chris,

having a project telco would definitely be a good idea again. I'm at home next week, so I will be quite flexible concerning the date and time - only have to make sure that my son doesn't interrupt us all the time :-).
So, feel free to propose a time for our (Skype?) call...
Best regards,


On 20.10.2011 18:25, Christian Saad wrote:
Hi Florian, Marc,

sorry, I catched a cold which had me in bed most of the last few days but now I'm finally back on my feet :)

Since we don't have a presentation for ECE this year I probably also won't be attending. Unfortunately the work on JWT has been a bit slow on our side during the last months mainly due to our research project proposal being rejected but hopefully this will improve soon as we got a new team member who will work in the JWT area. But nevertheless it would probably be good to collect some ideas on how we want to move on with the project in the future, so what would you think about holding a project telco to discuss our current status, plans and outlook for JWT?

For the EC, it would definitely be great to have a talk there but I'm not sure if we currently have a topic that would be appealing enough for the audience. Maybe also something that we could discuss in a telco? (however the proposal phase has already started so we should be quick)

Also great news on EasySOA! Waiting for the videos :)


Am 18.10.2011 10:19, schrieb Marc Dutoo:
Hi Florian

Happy to know you're going well !

Alas I won't be at ECE this year. At Open Wide, our current ideas are to
put a BPM twist using JWT on our EasySOA project (and for that put a
light / online twist on BPM), but until we start working on that, we're
waiting before ramping up our contributions to JWT and the Eclipse
community. So maybe at Eclipse Con ??

This talk would have been interesting indeed, seems it's done by the
MoDisco guys (Obeo competitor). I've recently talked to Mickaël Istria
who had a few ideas about it in his work at Petals. BTW he'll be at ECE
since he has 2 talks (way to go Mickaël) : .

Oh yeah, we've just released EasySOA 0.3 and it's still prototype but
definitely more than a demo : . Next up are
videos, stay tuned !

Best regards,

Le 14/10/2011 20:09, Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi guys,

I hope you are all fine? I have been quite busy with my current work
as enterprise architect and while this has also processes / workflows
/ automatic execution of those processes in the view, it is not the
main focus of my work which is why I had been quiet for quite some time.

I've just seen there will be a talk at Ludwigsburg about "Composing,
weaving and linking models". Since we had a similar topic about
aspect-oriented modeling some time ago, I thought this might be
interesting for you? Alas, I won't be able to attend ECE this time,
but maybe one of you guys will be participant of ECE? Maybe there will
be also the possibility for you to discuss about the future steps for
JWT, if you meet there!? If so, I would, of course, be interested
about the outcome... :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,


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