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[jwt-dev] Talks at EclipseCon Europe

Hi guys,

I hope you are all fine? I have been quite busy with my current work as enterprise architect and while this has also processes / workflows / automatic execution of those processes in the view, it is not the main focus of my work which is why I had been quiet for quite some time.

I've just seen there will be a talk at Ludwigsburg about "Composing, weaving and linking models". Since we had a similar topic about aspect-oriented modeling some time ago, I thought this might be interesting for you? Alas, I won't be able to attend ECE this time, but maybe one of you guys will be participant of ECE? Maybe there will be also the possibility for you to discuss about the future steps for JWT, if you meet there!? If so, I would, of course, be interested about the outcome... :-)

Have a nice weekend!

Best regards,


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