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Re: [jwt-dev] [stp-dev] Proposed BPMN 2.0 editor sub-project

Hi Bob, all

You can mark Open Wide and the Java Workflow Tooling project as a whole as interested parties. JWT wants to help interoperability, and we've already got several transformations to and from other workflow representations (BPMN) & models (XPDL, Bonita, jPDL...), so we'd be interested in adding one with yours.

I follow the remarks of Adrian about Mangrove and Andrea about light annotations / decorations to the model. Note that at JWT we've got some kind of aspect oriented modeling framework allowing to decorate a model without changing it, in case you don't want to change yours. Since BPMN2 allows extensibility to its XML schema, at some point you'll want to go this way ; in this case, know that the Eclipse SOA SCA Editor has done the same for the SCA model.

Marc Dutoo
Open Wide
Eclipse JWT co-leader

Le 28/03/2011 22:26, Bob Brodt a écrit :
Hi all,

We (Red Hat/JBoss) are proposing the creation of a BPMN 2.0-compliant graphical editor project as a sub-project of STP. We currently have a working prototype based on graphiti and the MDT BPMN2 meta model which will comprise the initial code contribution.

Until the proposal has been reviewed by the Eclipse Foundation, I'd like to use the STP news group and these mailing lists to solicit feedback and involve interested parties in a discussion of this project.

If anyone's interested, the code is currently being hosted at github - reply here for details if you can't find it.

Bob Brodt
Red Hat/JBoss
stp-dev mailing list

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