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Re: [jwt-dev] a BPMS being contributed to Eclipse

Hi Marc, all,

thanks for the hint to SOA.StarDust. It's interesting, AgilPro which was on of the building blocks of JWT, was initially motivated by the CARNOT modeler which is now incorporated into the Sungard Process Workbench...

The project crew says on its initial proposal page: "Details on how the two projects would coexist need to be evaluated, but Java Workflow Tooling could profit from many components that Stardust delivers." They are right. It definitely needs to be considered. They focus nearly all the areas which JWT also covers, but while JWT is an abstract framework that can be adapted to different engines, etc. the StarDust project only focuses its own process engine. I don't see exactly how their tools can be used for other process engines. So, I guess, other SOA IWG members (Sopera, JBoss, Bonita) won't be happy about such a kind of proposal...

But I'm looking forward to any discussions about an interplay between StarDust and JWT. Are there already any ideas about an integration?



On 08.04.2011 10:58, Marc Dutoo wrote:
complete, fully integrated platform for BPMS
being contributed to Eclipse SOA as Eclipse Process Manager (EPM), "no open source product has been really established in the market" ! History : SunGard’s Infinity Process Platform (IPP), a mature BPMS which has been developed for more than 10 years, 1500+ customers, ranked in Gartner's BPMS Magic Quadrant in the 2007 as #2 in Vision

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