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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] jwt editor installation

When double clicking on plugin.xml file (dependencies tab) I have errors concernening the following plugins :



In fact my question is : how can I do the correlation between theses packages and the names displayed when browsing ganymede update site ? For example, under "Enabling Features" I have names like : EMF Model Query, EMF Model Transaction...


Mickael Istria a écrit :
Here is the set of plugins I installed (from plug-in developer edition):
- EMF Common
- EMF Common UI
- EMF Ecore edit
- EMF Edit
- EMF Edit UI
- Graphical Editing framework draw2d
- Graphical Editing framework GEF
I think everything is here. Probably some of them are not really necessary, but I did not verify (for example, I don't think EMF Ecore edit is useful for JWT at runtime)...

Moreover, TPTP is not really necessary. It is just a testing framework for Eclipse, but current tests don't really use it (JUnit 4 may be enough)

Good continuation

Souillard Charles a écrit :

thanks for your answer. I am a newbie in eclipse world and there are a lot of emf/gef packages in ganymede update site.
Can you tell me which one I need to include ?
My focus is to have a cookbook of how installing necessary jwt stuff from scratch with a minimum set of additional plugins...


Mickael Istria a écrit :
Hi Charles,

Have you installed missing plug-ins such as EMF, GEF, draw2d in your Eclipse? You can verify it in your Help > Software Updates > manage configuration whether they are available.
It is possible that Ganymede JEE does not include EMG, GEF & co...

Good luck

Souillard Charles a écrit :
Hi all,

sorry for my next stupid question but I am not able to install my JWT env correctly... I have installed ganymede (jee developpers version) + TPTP and downloaded the three projects (up to date of this morning):
- we : 9866 errors
- transformation-base : 16 errors
- xpdl : no error
I have successfully installed we editor thanks to update site.
I have tried with jdk 1.5 and jdk 1.6 and error nb is the same.
Errors are concerning emf, gef, draw2d...
I don't understand because I have for example emf.commmon in my plugins directory but the package is not found in eclipse java editor...

Is it that there is a conflict between ganymede and my eclipse or is it an environment pb on my side ?

thanks for your help.

Marc Dutoo a écrit :

JWT CVS HEAD currently requires Eclipse 3.4 platform (new tabbed properties extension), and will work indiferently on JDK 1.5 or 6 .

I'm currently working on updating JWT CVS to Ganymede in the METAMODELEXT branch, migrated EMF templates already works and there's just a few issues with icons to check.

Christian, I agree quite a few things have changed, and because of the same reasons I also approve Ganymede being a requirement.


Christian Saad a écrit :

jwt-we 0.4.0 works well on Eclipse 3.3, it does not require 3.4. Also, as
Mickael wrote, a JRE 5 should be sufficient.
There seem to be, in fact, some problems concerning Ganymede since some parts of the API have changed, e.g. the handling of files (opening, saving).
However, there is currently some work on the way to adapt jwt-we to
Ganymede. I think, that this could become an obligatory requirement in the future as it probably would be very challenging to support both APIs at the
same time and some new features of 3.4 are very handy.


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