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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] jwt editor installation


JWT CVS HEAD currently requires Eclipse 3.4 platform (new tabbed properties extension), and will work indiferently on JDK 1.5 or 6 .

I'm currently working on updating JWT CVS to Ganymede in the METAMODELEXT branch, migrated EMF templates already works and there's just a few issues with icons to check.

Christian, I agree quite a few things have changed, and because of the same reasons I also approve Ganymede being a requirement.


Christian Saad a écrit :

jwt-we 0.4.0 works well on Eclipse 3.3, it does not require 3.4. Also, as
Mickael wrote, a JRE 5 should be sufficient.
There seem to be, in fact, some problems concerning Ganymede since some
parts of the API have changed, e.g. the handling of files (opening, saving).
However, there is currently some work on the way to adapt jwt-we to
Ganymede. I think, that this could become an obligatory requirement in the
future as it probably would be very challenging to support both APIs at the
same time and some new features of 3.4 are very handy.


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