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[jwt-dev] metamodel extension branch created, updating emf templates

Hi all

I've started the branch for the metamodel extension : BRANCH_METAMODELEXT_20080710 .

Obviously, I'll ask you to refrain from changing the metamodel in the following times, save in the branch !

For now the only change I've committed is that I've removed the empty DataType in the events package, because it forbids model regeneration. This will be done in the HEAD when merging back the branch.

I've tried Ganymede (Eclipse 3.4) and it has a lot of cool features. I think it's a good opportunity to switch, so I'm also migrating to ganymede on the branch.

In my workspace I've already done said the forecast basic changes to the metamodel. However I've had problems, probably because of changes in Ganymede (ItemProvider.getImage() returns URL and not Image). So currently I'm first busy updating the EMF templates to Ganymede's, without killing any Augsburg adaptations though ;)

I hope I'll have something working by the end of the week.


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