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Re: [jwt-dev] Problem launching jwt-we

Hi and welcome Charles

I did understand  :)

I have tried since yesterday to improve the doc of using the CVS version of JWT at .

Please call me so I'll be able to help you faster (phone number in personal mail just sent).


Souillard Charles a écrit :

currently I am trying the XPDL part...


Souillard Charles a écrit :

I am a Bull guy working in Miguel's team. I have been able to use JWT designer thanks to update site. I am now trying to launch the new eclipse with "Run As..." on jwt-we project and the new launched eclipse does not contain Import/Export in the toolbar. In addition, when I choose open run dialog, I can't see any plugin related to jwt.
Can you help me on that point ?
Maybe you can tell me how I can check that my eclipse is well configured or not ?
Don't hesitate if you need any precision.

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