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[jwt-dev] How to add some code that is run when a property is changed?


The title of the mail is maybe clear enough, but I will give you a concrete example of what I wish to do:

I want that when someone set the property "Interface" of the WebServiceApplication (I assumed that this interface is the location of wsdl file, this is just a "proof of concept"), JWT tries to get the Java interface that matches this WSDL, and then set the value of JavaClass property to this result.

However, I did not find how to to this, except by changing the implementation of WebServiceApplication in the metamodel (but this is - in my opinion - a very bad solution to get what I want). I saw a system of notifications, but I did not understood it enough to know if it is the good way.

Do you have any clue about how to implement this (kind of) feature?

Thanks in advance

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