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[jwt-dev] Data binding & co

Hi all,

I am currently working on databinding (from JWT to the workflow engine), and I have a few questions and remarks on this topic:

- I created everything necessary to create a workflow that works in Bonita with a WebServiceApplication (that means I had to add things in JWT2XPDL transformation, and a hook in Bonita). More generally, there would only have a few things to change to call any kind of service supported by SCorWare SCA engine. And I now think that Application should be more abstract to fit with SOA principles.

- Is there a wey to define complex types with JWT? I took a look at the doc about AgilPro models, I didn't understand well whether it is possible (There is a link between data and parameters that makes me think something is possible, but I an not sure of my interpretation). - Do you have some informations about the JWT2BPEL transformation? Do you deal with types that are not "JWT-native"? Do you have some samples?

Thanks in advance


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