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[jwt-dev] JWT Press

Hi all,
in our last telco we discussed to make some publications in order to increase the publicity of JWT. Hence, I started a wiki page ( which shall contain all current and future publications, press releases and slides. I already added the page describing the Eclipse Summit Europe 2007 where we had a first presentation.
Additionally, I created two new pages: one with a draft version of an article which we might want to submit to an Eclipse magazine after it has been finished. Please feel free to add anything you'd like to in order to get a better quality of the article. Also any comments on the storyline (what shall be included in which order) are welcome, too!
I also created a page for a possible short talk at the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 with a storyline which we might present in a "New & Noteworthy" presentation. Any feedback is welcome here, too, of course!
Best regards,

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