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[jwt-dev] Eclipse Summit Europe

Hi all,
I've just seen that the call for presentations for the Eclipse Summit Europe 2008 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, has started again. Similar to last year this would probably be a good possibility to present the achievements in JWT. Since the conference is in November, we have enough time (till middle of September) to think about what we would like to present there and to propose that [1].
We only need a title of our talk and an abstract which summarizes what we want to present. I think this would again be a good place for the members of our project to meet up. Hopefully I will be able to attend on more days than last year :-)
Best regards,
 Dipl.-Inf. Florian Lautenbacher
 Programming Distributed Systems Lab
 Institute of Computer Science
 University of Augsburg
 Universit√§tsstr. 14
 86135 Augsburg, Germany
 Attention: NEW phone number!
 phone:  +49 821 598-3102
 fax:    +49 821 598-2175

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