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AW: [jwt-dev] JWT metamodel extension spec

Hi Marc,

thanks for your detailed description about the requirements and goals for
metamodel extensions and for the differences of the existing possibilities.
Especially the aspects sound very interesting for me. However, I still
didn't completely understand them. Maybe you could provide some code
snippets either on Bugzilla or on the Wiki, so we can understand how they
should be implemented. Since I have no experience with Dynamic EMF, I can't
say anything about the performance issues, but it sounds good as well as the
Looking forward to see some code in order to get a better insight and to
assist you a little bit more in this area. Maybe also some diagrams would
help us to understand your thoughts better...

Best regards,


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Gesendet: 19 May 2008 16:55
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Betreff: [jwt-dev] JWT metamodel extension spec

Hi all

I've written about JWT metamodel extension specifications at the bottom of , mainly on
   * "goals" : summarize all JWT members' goal for such extensions. 
Obviously everyone's welcome for giving some feedback !
   * "design" : summarize my latest tries at hacking the JWT WE metamodel
and writing sample extensions. I've still to upload the actual stuff as a

To make it short, for now what I like is an "aspects" relation on
ModelElement (or at least Action) to an "Aspect" dynamic interface, and
dynamic EMF extensions. I've also tried simple properties.

Feedback welcome !

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