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[jwt-dev] How to initiate new JWT subcomponents

Hi everyone

In attachment there is a sample announcment of a new component of a project.

So in the future we should ask the community about new components in a vote on the mailing list : "please reply with +1 or -1 on this thread", and then tell Bjorn about it, so it can appear in such community at large emails. Note the opportunity of making some advertising ;)

For now, subcomponents that were announced in the February review of the 0.4 release are assumed to exist.

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Hello all,

The schedule for upcoming project reviews is below, as well as an announcement from the Modeling PMC about a new component. Thanks.

Project Reviews

Wed, 07 May 2008Subversive0.7 Release Review (slidesproject log) at 1500 UTC

Reviews are held on a conference call for Eclipse Members. Members (and committers are members) are directed to the MyFoundation portal for the call-in information. If you do not have access to the portal, send email to EMO to request the call information.


New component for Modeling EMFT project

The Modeling PMC is announcing a new component, modeling.emft.texo.

The proposed Texo project will provide web application development teams with EMF-like model and template driven development technology. The solution will consist of a focused toolset and a set of function-rich templates for common web application constructs. The idea is to support generation of most (if not all) artifacts which are relevant for a web application project: java beans, ui-backing beans, property files, configuration files, navigation definitions etc. Templates can be overridden and extended by users of the solution. Texo will be based on and use components currently present in the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) <> and Eclipse Modeling Framework Technology (EMFT) <> projects. 

All votes for the creation of the EMFT Texo component and were +1:

The Texo component proposal is on the wiki:
MartinTaal, a committer on EMFT, will be a committer on the new Texo component.

-- Ed Merks, Modeling PMC Lead

Anne Jacko

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