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[jwt-dev] Re: STP/IM questions/help


1) Owner and ServiceClassification are really not used at the moment, and i think we're going to think and define well in future when we're going to approach
to model workflow scenarios in IntermediateModel.

My personal idea is to add a Role entity and to have a subclass of "Step" called "RoleAssignedStep" or something similar that will define that a particular step will
be assigned and will be performed by a specific role

2) A "TransitionUnderCondition" must be used when the transition is conditioned to some rule to happen ( we use this ) for exampleto model the transition outcoming from a bpmn exclusive gateway.

3) We choose all the entity to be subclass of configurable element, so each element could have properties.

Maybe the wiki documentation is a little out of date, btw the version used is the one you could find in the svn repository.
Hope this helps.

Andrea Zoppello

Marius Brendle ha scritto:
Hello Andrea & Adrian,
we're working on a project of Florian Lauterbacher at the University in Augsburg (Germany). Our goal is to do a model transformation of the JWT (AgilPro) meta-model to the STP Intermediate Model. Even in the recent SVN snapshot, there are several model elements (classes) like Owner, ServiceClassification, TransitionUnderCondition and ObservableAttrible without any attributes! Could it be possible that the STP/IM is incomplete until now at this point? Or is this a wanted design decision by you? Or should we do some decisions by ourselves? Perhaps all the above mentioned classes are also of the type "ConfigurableElement" (so addional properties could be added), but this is not the case in the model or the Wiki at this point! How will the "ControlServices" be handled? In the Wiki there is mentioned that this is not completed till now... Thank you for the help in advice! Kind regards,
Christian, Stephan and Marius


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