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AW: [jwt-dev] Re: STP/IM questions/help

Hi Andrea,

thanks for your fast reply. Since we want to have a mature transformation,
it is difficult for us to build on something that might be removed or might
be created in the future :-)
So I guess we will currently focus on Owner and ServiceClassification
without considering that those might be subject of change in the future. You
said that TransitionUnderCondition is used for a BPMN Exclusive Gateway?
Where exactly do you specify the condition then? Is this a property of the
TransitionUnderCondition (as a Configurable Element)? Is there a way to
specify which (expression) language this condition is based on?
Mostly we are using the .ecore-file from the SVN, but sometimes its easier
to view it graphically in the wiki...

Thanks for your assistance and best regards,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] Re: STP/IM questions/help


1) Owner and ServiceClassification are really not used at the moment, and i
think we're going to think and define well in future when we're going to
approach to model workflow scenarios in IntermediateModel.

My personal idea is to add a Role entity and to have a subclass of "Step"
called "RoleAssignedStep" or something similar that will define that a
particular step will be assigned and will be performed by a specific role

2) A "TransitionUnderCondition" must be used when the transition is
conditioned to some rule to happen ( we use this ) for exampleto model the
transition outcoming from a bpmn exclusive gateway.

3) We choose all the entity to be subclass of configurable element, so each
element could have properties.

Maybe the wiki documentation is a little out of date, btw the version used
is the one you could find in the svn repository.
Hope this helps.

Andrea Zoppello

Marius Brendle ha scritto:
> Hello Andrea & Adrian,
> we're working on a project of Florian Lauterbacher at the University 
> in Augsburg (Germany). Our goal is to do a model transformation of the 
> JWT (AgilPro) meta-model to the STP Intermediate Model.
> Even in the recent SVN snapshot, there are several model elements
> (classes) like Owner, ServiceClassification, TransitionUnderCondition 
> and ObservableAttrible without any attributes! Could it be possible 
> that the STP/IM is incomplete until now at this point? Or is this a 
> wanted design decision by you? Or should we do some decisions by 
> ourselves? Perhaps all the above mentioned classes are also of the 
> type "ConfigurableElement" (so addional properties could be added), 
> but this is not the case in the model or the Wiki at this point!
> How will the "ControlServices" be handled? In the Wiki there is 
> mentioned that this is not completed till now...
> Thank you for the help in advice!
> Kind regards,
> Christian, Stephan and Marius


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