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Re: [jwt-dev] Architecture and components of JWT

Hi Florian

Thank you, this is a very good and complete schema.

I've talked about it with SCOrWare and STP partners Stéphane and Alain and they also like it very much.

& please find attached my own take on it, made last week.


Florian Lautenbacher a écrit :
Hi all,
especially in the last weeks we had more discussions about the focus of JWT and where to go next. Since we now already have a bunch of components that are already finished or are currently developed, I tried to summarize all of those in one big picture, so everybody can see what is or will be available soon and how everything is interrelated. This shall be a starting point for further discussions, so please feel free to send any comment about the attached picture of the architecture. Best regards, Florian ---------------------------------------
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