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[jwt-dev] Architecture and components of JWT

Hi all,
especially in the last weeks we had more discussions about the focus of JWT and where to go next. Since we now already have a bunch of components that are already finished or are currently developed, I tried to summarize all of those in one big picture, so everybody can see what is or will be available soon and how everything is interrelated.
This shall be a starting point for further discussions, so please feel free to send any comment about the attached picture of the architecture.
Best regards,
 Dipl.-Inf. Florian Lautenbacher
 Programming Distributed Systems Lab
 Institute of Computer Science
 University of Augsburg
 Universitätsstr. 14
 86135 Augsburg, Germany
 Attention: NEW phone number!
 phone:  +49 821 598-3102
 fax:    +49 821 598-2175

Attachment: JWT_Architecture_v1.png
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