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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] Extending the JWT Editor with Extension Points?

Yep, thanks ! It is a part of the solution.

In addition, if extended model XML can be read without changing the plugin.xml thanks to schemaLocation and al. it would be nice in itself.


Bryan Hunt a écrit :
In the XML version of an EMF model, type extensions are written down as XSD schemaLocation. So the hardest part (besides actually using the extended model through the slightly cumbersome - compared to databound classes - EMF reflection API) is to provide a nice enough way to find and manage them. Here are a few ideas : * by default, trying to find the type using the schemaLocation XML header, as an absolute path or relative to the same directory as the workflow XML (or if schemaLocation is not enough, maybe define a workflow property ?) * else in a well defined "extensionRepository" directory of this JWT installation * that's another subject, but, what about defining another workflow file type : a zip file containing one workflow process file and extension type files ?

EMF has an extension point where every model's package is registered. Would this be interesting for the problem of locating models?

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