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AW: [jwt-dev] Extending the JWT Editor with Extension Points?

Hi Ralph,

yes, we had a very lively discussion on Thursday about the different aspects
of workflow models and workflow engines. Thanks again for the warm welcome,
I agree with you that we should include a mechanism for any vendor to
include their specific information in the workflow model. This could be the
hooks of Bonita in XPDL, the JEE server data, etc. Probably that's also one
of the things Bryan and Marc are discussing in another thread. So the
generic properties we are currently implementing could be a first step.

What you suggest "use Eclipse extension points to extend the model" reminds
me of a presentation I heard at this year's EclipseCon, where the concept of
"Dynamic EMF" was described (I believe in the context of a tool named Skyway
Perspectives). I'm not familiar with that right now and will have to read
some more, but maybe anybody else reading this mail knows about this

Anyway I'm looking more into the way the IX Workflow API and Modeler work in
order to get a better understanding how we could bring both together.

Best regards,


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Betreff: [jwt-dev] Extending the JWT Editor with Extension Points?


I want to make a suggestion of how to extend the JWT Modeler with vendor
specific extensions.
We talk yesterday to Florian Lautenbacher and Bernhard Bauer and discuss the
possibility that we from Imixs use the JWT Editor in future to model
Workflow Models for our "Imixs IX JEE Workflow Engine".
The general requirement for us is that we need to model a lot of individual
Informations/Attributes to each Activity inside the model. 
For example our engine supports a "IX Mail Module" which needs informations
to generate a email during a transition. 
So now what I want to suggest is: Why not to use the concept of Eclipse
extension points to extend the JWT Model itself?
My idea is that a vendor should not only be able to use a predefined
extension point inside the JWT Editor to add additional property pages to an
activity object. But also a vendor can describe an individual model
extensions using the same mechanism as used by eclipse to extend a plugin.
So for example, if we form Imixs like to extend the JWT Editor with an
additional property tab to describe the informations for our "IX Mail
Module" we also add an XSD File to describe the structure of the data. 
The XSD File can be very similar to the XSD Files generated with the Eclipse
Plugin IDE. In fact JWT can use the existing Eclipse XSD Editor concept for
In the end the JWT Editor extends the model xml file itself with the
additional structure for an activity as described in this XSD File or
creates an additional separate Model File. The informations are provided by
a property page from vendor specific plugin. Later on the IX Workflow Engine
can parse the JWT Model file for specific extensions like the "IX Mail
Another aspect of this concept is hat a user of the JWT Editor can switch on
and off the extensions during modeling. So I can see and model using the
Imixs extensions and in the next moment I switch off this extension and can
see the natural model. Than I can switch on a extension from another vendor
to see other aspects of the same model. 
This could be also a way to implement real round-trip-modelling.

What did you think about this?

best regards


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