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Re: [jwt-dev] Beginning of a monitoring plug-in

Bryan Hunt a écrit :
I had a chance to look at your proposal and have a couple of comments for discussion. From your email, I was under the impression that the proposal was for monitoring the state of a worflow, but looking at your proposal, you describe an interface for management of the worflow. Your proposed worflow service API talks about projects, process and activity, yet my proposed workflow engine has no projects, workflow components, and a composite. I don't quite see how the two would map. If you want to propose a workflow management service, I think much more discussion is needed. I'm by no means an expert in this area, but I'm happy to participate where I can. I like the idea of a workflow service, but I don't currently see how a generic service could be defined that would be useful.


On Apr 21, 2008, at 10:56 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:


I made some refactoring this morning, and I think that the current version of the monitoring plug-in could allow to add any model that can be considered as a composite pattern. I put an archive with some code in technology/org.eclipse.jwt/wam/monitoring.tgz Feel free to take a look at it, and ask any question if you want to use it to monitor MWE.

Currently, we have a model and a composite mapping of this model for the TreeViewer. Anything that extends WorkflowBeanComposite class can easily be added to the TreeViewer as a workflow engine. This way, the architecture can allow several models in the viewer. In the future, it will probably become an Eclipse extension, but we will talk about it when we will have enough use cases (to get more concrete ideas).

However, I also think that we should avoid multiplying workflow models in this monitoring tool, and focus on what is common; maybe to find *the* generic workflow model...


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