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Re: [jwt-dev] Beginning of a monitoring plug-in


I'll try to give general answers to Florian, Ralph and Bryan:
- First, thank you for your interest, remarks and everything
- This plug-in is something made to have a base for discussion (and i am glad to see it works) and improvements about workflow monitoring. And it seems like every one is playing this game. That's great (with the other use cases from AgilPro, Imixs, MWE and Bonita v4, there is going be a lot of good ideas to come) - This workflow model and API were written for Bonita v3. As a consequence, they probably don't fit any other workflow engine. This "workflow management service" is in fact a "Bonita Management Service". - This was made to run with our examples in a first time, that's why there are some limits with the model. - Behind our current Bonita Workflow model is hidden a composite, and behind the view is a composite. Actually, the plug-in simply does a mapping between a tree element and a workflow model element. That is easy to extend/improve.

More personalized answers:
- @Florian : This service does not deploy a workflow model (ie a XPDL file for Bonita, ie a Project). However, we can start an instance (Process) of this Project. JWT:Activity == Bonita:Process - @Ralph: the method that is used to get all processes is listUserActivities(true, true, "login")
- @Ralph: there is no way to get only one activity wih this interface...

I'll try to commit the code today, I hope it will help us to find good ideas.

Since I think that there are a lot of things to say about workflow models and service, I think it would be easier to start a wiki page with this discussion. I think it could facilitate the discussion organization. Do you agree?


Bryan Hunt a écrit :
I had a chance to look at your proposal and have a couple of comments for discussion. From your email, I was under the impression that the proposal was for monitoring the state of a worflow, but looking at your proposal, you describe an interface for management of the worflow. Your proposed worflow service API talks about projects, process and activity, yet my proposed workflow engine has no projects, workflow components, and a composite. I don't quite see how the two would map. If you want to propose a workflow management service, I think much more discussion is needed. I'm by no means an expert in this area, but I'm happy to participate where I can. I like the idea of a workflow service, but I don't currently see how a generic service could be defined that would be useful.


On Apr 21, 2008, at 10:56 AM, Mickael Istria wrote:


I've written a little plug-in framework that can be used to monitor a workflow state from a workflow engine. This is not at all a mature plug-in for the moment, but I hope it is an interesting base for the future.

Monitoring a workflow engine can be done in a few steps:
1. Implement an interface (WorkflowService) with your favorite workflow engine. (We use the "Adapter" design-pattern) 2. Make this service accessible to the user who wants to monitor it in Eclipse (you can use webservices, rmi, or anything you are able to write a client programmaticaly) 3. Implement an extension plug-in which defines the way to acces the service (so called a service provider) from inside Eclipse.

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