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Re: AW: [jwt-dev] Extending the JWT Editor with Extension Points?

Hi Marc,

yes I agree with you in the point of the idea with ExtensibleAction model object:

* A solution would be to add an ExtensibleAction model object that would have one (or more ?) untyped subnode. In this case, it would be very close to Ralph's embedded XML extension idea - actually, if we define the extension using XSD to ecore, it would even be the same.
And I agree also to you to allow more then one untyped subnodes. As different vendors can support different extensions for one Action or ActivityNode.

So which ones - Florian, you and your JWT metamodel specialists are highly welcome !
  * Action obviously,
  * but why not Application instead,
  * and what about ActivityNode ?
  * DataType ?
* I'm still not sure there are no "out of the box" extensible ones, maybe DataType is ?
  * others ?

In this question I would propose Action and also ActivityNode.
What did you mean with "Application". An extension mechanism for application specific or workflow engine specific data would be helpfull in some cases. So the Imixs IX Modeler holds informations like the WebService Endpoint from the Engine. This is configuration stuff. But why not allow a vendor to extend such data.
If you take a look at following picture you can understand what I mean:$FILE/image_small_01.gif

The main editor is implemented as a multipage editor and a Vendor can extend the editor with an additional pages (like the JBoss page in the picture). This page holds application or engine specific data.

Is this compatible with your approach Marc?

best regards


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